Part OEM Part Name/Description Dimensions Bevel
10/22309566187Circular Poultry Blade 566187490x25/30x4mm25mm Single Bevel
10/22224570971Circular Poultry Blade 570971175x25/30x2mm10mm Deep Single + 40° inc x 0.5mm
10/22208570971JCircular Poultry Blade 570971J175x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel + 15° Back
10/22206572405Circular Poultry Blade 572405275x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22222581196Circular Poultry Blade 581196125x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22220587861BCircular Poultry Blade 587861B60x22.2x2mm8mm, 14° Single Bevel
10/22234596746Circular Poultry Blade 596746250x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22238605881Circular Poultry Blade 605881300x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel
10/22210617080Circular Poultry Blade 617080150x25/30x2mm10mm Double Bevel
10/22203622400Circular Poultry Blade 622400175x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22204622701Circular Poultry Blade 622701110x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel & Back Bevel
10/22213629326Circular Poultry Blade 629326100x25/30x2mm20° Inclusive Double Bevel
10/22237629925Circular Poultry Blade 629925110x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel & Back Bevel
10/22216636629Circular Poultry Blade 636629155x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel + 1mm (25 Deg)
10/22242641955Circular Poultry Blade 641955250x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22218647057Circular Poultry Blade 64705780x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel + 1mm x 30°
10/22233652702Circular Poultry Blade 652702300x25/30x2mm10mm Double Bevel
10/22215662526Circular Poultry Blade 662526125x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel + 15° x 1mm Double Bevel
10/22239669290Circular Poultry Blade 669290350x25/30x3mm8mm Double Bevel
10/22246670808Circular Poultry Blade 670808300x61x3mm10° Single Bevel
10/22307671371Circular Poultry Blade 671371300x25/30x3mm8mm Double Bevel
10/22240673314Circular Poultry Blade 673314300x25/30x3mm12 inc Double Bevel+ 25° Inc x 1mm
10/22303677641Circular Poultry Blade 677641120x25/30x2mm5mm Single Bevel
10/22200678704Circular Poultry Blade 678704100x25/30x2mm30° Single Bevel
10/22306679565Circular Poultry Blade 679565155x25/30x2mm8mm Single Bevel
10/22302683074Circular Poultry Blade 683074200x25/30x2mm5mm Single Bevel

Other sizes available on request.

Circular Poultry Blade
Circular Poultry Blade

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