Our range includes also the circular blades for poultry cutting (compatible with Stork) at extremely competitive prices, with carefully selected steel to guarantee exceptional lifespan. These blades can be produced with standard serration or microteeth, as well as in other sizes according to customer specifications.

PartOEM PartName/DescriptionDimensionsBevel
10/223493930325Circular Microteeth Poultry Blade 3930325250x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel & Back Bevel
10/223503943357Circular Microteeth Poultry Blade 3943357175x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel & Back Bevel
10/223523943374Circular Microteeth Poultry Blade 3943374110x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel & Back Bevel
10/223513960622Circular Microteeth Poultry Blade 3960622125x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel & Back Bevel
10/22248 Circular Poultry Blade200x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel
10/22207 Circular Poultry Blade125x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel + 25 x 1mm
10/22211 Circular Poultry Blade155x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel + 25 x 1mm
10/22201 Circular Poultry Blade190x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22356 Circular Poultry Blade300x25/30x3mm15mm Single Bevel
10/22226230328Circular Poultry Blade 230328200x32x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22235231196Circular Poultry Blade 231196300x32x3mm12mm Double Bevel
10/223053904303Circular Poultry Blade 3904303100x35/40x2mm5mm Single Bevel
10/223043904781Circular Poultry Blade 3904781100x25/30x2mm8mm Single Bevel
10/222473904955Circular Poultry Blade 3904955175x25/30x2mm13° Single Bevel & Back Bevel
10/222053930330Circular Poultry Blade 3930330110x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel & Back Bevel
10/222023930331Circular Poultry Blade 3930331175x25/30x2mm9mm Single Bevel & 25°
10/22301438394Circular Poultry Blade 438394125x22x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22232501497Circular Poultry Blade 501497300x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22243501497Circular Poultry Blade 501497300x25/30x3mm10mm Double Bevel
10/22228504237Circular Poultry Blade 504237250x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22236507513Circular Poultry Blade 507513250x25/30x2mm10mm Double Bevel & 60°
10/22244507559Circular Poultry Blade 507559200x25x30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22228507574Circular Poultry Blade 507574250x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22219509293Circular Poultry Blade 509293100x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22221509406Circular Poultry Blade 509406125x25/30x2mm9° Single Bevel + 1mm x 30
10/22229518180Circular Poultry Blade 518180250x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22212518391Circular Poultry Blade 518391165x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22225518391Circular Poultry Blade 518391175x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22308518976Circular Poultry Blade 518976175x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel
10/22230534105Circular Poultry Blade 534105250x61x2mm10mm Double Bevel
10/22231539843Circular Poultry Blade 539843300x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22223539858Circular Poultry Blade 539858160x25/30x2mm10mm Single Bevel
10/22227555710Circular Poultry Blade 555710110x25/30x2mm10° Single Bevel & Back Bevel
10/22214561611Circular Poultry Blade 561611100x25/30x2mm20° Inclusive Double Bevel

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