PM 15

Pneumatic knife for professional cuts used mainly in food processing sector.

Field of application:
cutting of:

  1. meat and sausages
  2. fish
  3. cheese
  4. vegetables
  5. bread, cake and dessert

Advantages hand knives:

  1. smooth cutting of difficult products like roasted pork, ham, cakes and dessert

Certified by the German butchers and staff association (GS)


  1. reduced service and easy to clean
  2. less vibration
  3. easy to handle
  4. sturdy and confortable ergonomic design
  5. casing made of antibacterial plastic coating

Technical Data:

  1. Connection pressure: max 8 bar
  2. Air consumption (app.): 250 l/min
  3. Weight: 670 g
  4. Cutting rate (app.): 16500/min
  5. Noise level (app.): 74 dB(A)
  6. Vibration (app.): 4 m/sq

Cutting range: approx. 250 mm - depending on used blade


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