The IBEX Pneumatic is the ultimate in Pneumatic Trimming Systems. The powerful drive system makes light work of any trimming application.
The IBEX Pneumatic Trimming System is available in 2 options - the FF Series and the FP Series. The high speed FF Series has been custom designed specifically for bone trimming and spinal cord removal while the FP Series features a standard blade speed with increased torque to handle the often difficult removal of fat.
The IBEX Pneumatic Drive Systems can be used in numerous and differing applications across a wide range of industries to improve yields and quality of product. With all the flexibility of a pneumatic system, both the FF and FP Series deliver smoother, cleaner cuts with reduced operator effort.


At the heart of the Pneumatic Trimming System is the IBEX Pneumatic motor; precision built to ensure a maximum efficient use of air to deliver high levels of torque. The IBEX motor is robust and simple in design, ensuring that maintenance is minimized.
Both Pneumatic Systems incorporate a lock nut assembly which allows the handle and trigger to be rotated relative to the modular trimmer head; enabling the operator to maximize the orientation and obtain the most comfortable work position.
Both the FF and FP Series come with an offset exhaust as standard, however a coaxial exhaust can be fitted as an optional extra.


1. Powerful & Easy to Use
- Smoother, cleaner cuts with reduced operator effort
- Available in high speed or high torque models to meet individual applications
- Simple lever location and improved comfort

2. Lower Cost of Ownership
- Direct drive system and no flex shaft cable removes the need for expensive spare parts
- Reduced moving parts
- Interchangeable parts between the FP & FF Series further reduces the need to carry spares.
- Stainless steel bearings for enhanced motor life
- Multiple head compatibility - one hand piece can drive all IBEX Modular Trimmer Heads (35, 52, 69, 90 & 128mm)
- Needle roller bearings inside the frame heads improve tool life and reduce pinion wear (35 & 52mm Heads)

3. Flexible and Safe
- 2 exhaust options available - offset or coaxial
- Plug in anywhere there is air supply
- Two hand start hand pieces for improved operator safety

4. Ergonomic
- Flexible balanced tool
- Lightweight
- Universal design - left or right hand options
- Available with a Thumb Rest

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